When to Hire a Freelance Writer and Get Irresistible Results

I'm no mind reader, but I'll make a guess.

You've decided to grow your brand by stepping up your content marketing game. Or you simply need someone to help you bring your creative thoughts into life. Lucky stars seem to start aligning in your favor finally. Could there be a better feeling?

However, after discovering how much time you need to curate those blog posts, craft social media posts, write an email newsletter and finally post that content, things start to become a little dim. It seems you now need some 27 working hours a day to complete all these successfully.

Cue the despair.

Your brain now feels like it's on a treadmill and needs so much to press the stop button. Your hands are asking you to find somewhere warm and cozy and stay right there. Everything about you, from the fatigue to the emotional pull toward lethargy, overwhelms-- but the content marketing world has no empathy for such matters. It keeps asking for more content.

As I write this, in the early evening, around 7 Million blogs have been published today. Besides, every second there are about:

And you know what? All these are busy vying for your attention-- and your clients' attention too.

Keeping up with these figures is what keeps you up at night, and you must ensure that at least 1 of the millions of blog posts uploaded is yours to stay on top of the competition.

You can now just forget about curating content and focus on other aspects of your business, right? Wrong!

This is where some extra hands from an experienced freelancer become invaluable.

When to Hire a Freelance Writer

You may choose to hire a freelance writer for many reasons-- and some cases are more urgent than others.

If we're being honest, even a simple reason such as "I'm too lazy to handle the job" could be a reason to get you looking for a freelance writer. But for the savvy business owners and dynamic content managers, they know there's more than that.

Ready? Let's dive in.

1. You Need to Save Time

Let's face it: It takes time to write and execute your content marketing strategy. It takes time to carry out research and come up with a solid piece of writing. And who's got time for all that? Bingo… there's your problem.

In a bid to save time, you may be tempted to take an hour or two just to write a blog post to ease the guilt of not posting content. But what good is it to waste an hour writing a skimpy blog that will never rank or get read?

This means for you to save more time for other important aspects of your business and still get value from the blog, you have to engage the services of a freelance writer. Doing so gives you more time to concentrate on other matters while getting the reassurance that whoever you hire knows their trade and will do it exceptionally well.

2. You Need Fresh and Interesting Blog Ideas

How many times have you found yourself wondering what to post next on your blog for your readers?

You've probably exhausted all the topics on your editorial calendar, and you don't have the slightest idea of what your next topic could be. You've even tried visiting your competitor's website to see whether there are some ideas you could steal from them, but they also seem to be in limbo. Oh, dear!

The good thing? There's a way out.

If you've run out of exciting ideas and don't have the time to search for more, an experienced freelance writer could help you out. You could marvel and wonder how many fresh ideas you've been missing out on by limiting writing to yourself.

An excellent way to get niche-specific writers to propose original and interesting ideas to you is by checking out on a site like nDash. Here, quality writers submit original ideas to you, and all you have to do is check whether the ideas fit your needs at that particular time, approve and wait for the content writer to work magic. Be sure to check it out!

3. You Understand Writing is an Art… and You Need an Artist

Think of the last sketch you drew, laugh a little at your incredible piece of art, and then compare how good an artist could have done it. The same happens to writing… it's not your fault that you can't write compelling blog posts.

It's not that you want your next blog to get published on Forbes (it could be a good thing, though), but if cracking past the introduction is a challenge for you, then you know you need help.

You see, informative content is not enough. Great content needs to be informative, unabashedly authentic and engaging at the same time. Remember, despite providing useful information to your readers, the goal is to convince them to do what you want them to do.

And if what you write doesn't even compel you, how do you expect it to work charm for your audience?

If you want blogs and content that appeal to your audience and make them respond with a click, you need someone who knows how to push the right emotional buttons.

Great freelancers know their trade in this market of persuasion. They know how to mix the right information with some emotion-triggering sentences to persuade your audience to read your blog to the very end and finally take the action you want. And if you think of the ROI long-term, then hiring a freelance writer is worth every investment.

4. "I Lost Interest"

Okay, a moment of silence first for all the relationships broken by those three powerful words.

I lost interest is not just a breakup term… it also happens in writing. Most marketers and business owners often find great adventure when writing their first few blogs. After a couple of months in, it starts to get boring. And even before they realize what is happening, it's six weeks since they last updated their blog.

It is in times such as this that you need a freelance writer to help you keep your blog up to date. You didn't lose interest in your audience; I mean, they're the lifeline for your business, but this person called writing is simply not the one for you. The good thing with hiring a freelancer is that they'll be completely sold out to writing since they fell in love with writing first.

5. You Need to Save Money

Delegating duties doesn't necessarily mean you should employ someone to fill up that role. That's where freelancers come in. Hiring a freelancer means you don't have to worry about any equipment, training, benefits, and so on.

A freelance writer for hire is often ready-made and has the requisite skills you need, equipment, and in the end, you'll only have to pay them when they work. This means that you not only have some extra time on your hands but a valuable asset that saves you more money for your business.

The Upshot

Every marketer dreams of posting fresh, juicy content for their blog and a freelance writer who can help them offload their content marketing needs.

Why struggle writing content when there's a beach in Hawaii and a skilled freelance writer waiting for you?

Go through the list above, and if you could do with some extra hands from your end, feel free to reach out to me, and I'll be more than willing to assist!



Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash: Thanks Per :)