Should I Hire a Copywriter To Write My Website Content?

There are innumerable tools that businesses can use to handle simple tasks and reduce human involvement almost completely. For business tasks that are not repetitive, are complex, or require human input, you have to decide whether you are going to hire somebody to do it, or you will do it yourself. Creating value-driven content for your website is among those tasks.

Why does Copywriting Matter?

One of the most important aspects of an online business, especially when it comes to ecommerce, is copywriting. It is actually one of the first things an ecommerce store owner should learn how to do well because its function can make or break his/her marketing and sales teams’ efforts.

The main reason why effective copywriting is important is because it is what convinces potential customers to buy the products you are selling. Reports indicate that customers are 131% more likely to purchase your product or service after reading your website content. Your blog post or website content also increases their trust, which deepens over time.

To Hire a Copywriter or to Do-it-Yourself?

It is hard to decide which is better between hiring a content writer and doing it yourself because both sides have valid arguments. However, the majority of those who own a business blog or website can attest that hiring a freelance copywriter is the best option.

In this copywriting guide, you will find out what copywriters do and why you should seriously consider hiring one to write your website content. Let’s get to it, shall we?

What Does a Copywriter Do?

Copywriters have different roles, including that of a content creator, copy editor, copy adviser, and content strategist. These professionals create content for digital marketing or advertising, such as web copy, brochures, product names, and advertisements. As such, copywriters must be persuasive with their writing because they write to sell a service or product.

Different marketing copywriters have different experiences so they offer different copywriting services. At the very least, they are briefed on what you want them to write, your audience, and your tone of voice. They use this information to research everything they need to know about the topic, then they write.

Depending on your copywriter, they may also offer some or all of the following services.

1. Keyword Research and Selection

A keyword in a copywriting context is a keyword phrase consisting of one or more informational keywords, which describes the topic of your article. Keywords are very important when it comes to getting traffic to your website, especially if you want to maintain or even grow your online presence. They are used by search engines like Google to deliver keyword research.

Keyword selection, on the other hand, is the process of selecting a keyword from your keyword research in order to use it as the title and/or content of your article. Keyword selection is an ongoing process throughout the whole article writing.

One of a copywriter's most important tasks when crafting a blog post or creating website content is performing keyword research and selection. A copywriter can take the burden of keyword research and selection off your shoulders so you are not stuck in an endless loop of trying keyword after keyword just to have the right keyword phrases for your content.

A freelance copywriter will not only help you to use relevant keywords, but he/she will also help you to avoid keyword stuffing while optimizing your content to rank on Google.

2. Site Mapping

Site maps provide valuable information and they're crucial for website success. Site maps are simple outlines of a site that visually display all the pages on a site, allowing visitors to easily navigate around the contents. Site map construction helps both users and search engine crawlers quickly find their way to any desired page within your site.

Site mapping is a technical art that every business owner should have at some point in their career. This helps with site structure, navigation, audiences, and how everyone understands what is being communicated on the Web.

If you don’t have the time for content creation, hiring a freelance copywriter makes perfect sense. A content creator helps with side mapping by taking an inventory of your website's content.

3. User Experience Evaluation

Copywriters help with evaluating the user experience. They can check to see how user-friendly your website is and if it accomplishes what you set out to do. User-friendly can be based on a user's behavior as well as the interface design itself. Marketing copywriters understand how businesses should interact with their customers, avoiding any possible misconceptions about your company and services.

By hiring a freelance copywriter, you become one step closer to reaching your target audience, which will drive conversions and increase revenue for your company. You can then put that new cash flow into hiring more designers and programmers who will improve the site even further.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Copywriter to Write Your Website Content

The following are the five reasons why you should hire a copywriter to create different content types for your website. In a nutshell:

1. Frees Up Your Time

Time and money are two vital elements that every business owner or leader strives to save. As such, you have to be persistently vigilant about striking the right balance between performing crucial tasks and offering outstanding services to your clients. You can save a significant amount of time by working smarter, not harder. For instance, outsourcing to a freelance copywriter allows you to save time.

Anyone who has done copywriting can attest that writing long-form content is a very time-intensive task. The research, writing, and customization that go into producing relevant content not only take too much time, but it also requires a set of copywriting skills to produce different types of content.

If you are putting off other aspects of your business or projects in order to focus on content writing, you are not making the best use of your time. You may be able to fake your way through this important task, but the odds are, you will spend far more hours doing it than an experienced person who specializes in copywriting.

An experienced copywriter will be able to produce high-quality content for your website that follows all the rules faster and more effectively than you ever could because you are rationing your time while they are giving it undivided attention. This leaves you with enough time to focus on growing other important aspects of your business.

2. To Tap Into Professional Writing Skills You Don’t Have

It is hard to trust a brand if its educational content is written with bad grammar and poor choice of words. So, you should only have high-quality website content to create a good first impression with your target audience. Most people have very short attention spans, so you need to know what tips and tricks can keep them glued.

If you have never tried content writing before, or are not confident that your writing skills are up to par, you need to hire a copywriter to write your web content. Professional SEO copywriters are trained in how to create valuable content, which makes them better suited for this task than the average person.

A freelance copywriter can help you generate compelling content and optimize it to push your website high in search rankings.

3. To Bring A Fresh Perspective

After years of being in business, you become knowledgeable in all the basics and technicalities of the industry. There are two reasons why this can be a huge problem when writing copy for your website.

  • You may use words and phrases that sound common to you but will be confusing to potential customers.

  • It is hard being objective enough and your website may sound too sales-y.

An experienced copywriter will draw from their experiences dealing with varying and similar clients to create consistent content by looking at it from a prospective customer’s perspective.

4. To Keep-Up-To-Date With Search Engine Algorithm Updates

Most searches for businesses start on Google, so being at the top of the search results greatly increases the traffic to your website. However, the search engine giant makes constant updates to its ranking algorithm which may be hard to keep track of if they happen frequently. Failure to update or write new content with the algorithm updates in mind reduces your search results ranking.

A freelance copywriter stays on top of these updates. Creating content for your website means either you will never be at the top of the pile due to the updates, or you will have less time to focus on your business as you need to constantly check for updates, and write/rewrite that piece of content to match them.

5. To Boost Your Corporate Image

Website content does not just educate and position your products in the best way possible, it also presents your brand to the customer so they can decide if you are exactly what they are looking for.

Based on your audience, a good content writer will come up with content that matches the brand and company image you are trying to portray. Such piece of content can enhance your corporate image, and showcase your business culture and values.

Hire a Professional Copywriter Today!

Let’s be honest - writing persuasive content for your website is a job in and of itself. It can take up so much time that you have little or no time left to get the business side of things done.

If you are a business owner who needs to focus on their own company and not spend time writing copy, it’s worth considering outsourcing your copywriting needs to a professional copywriter.

At Your Freelance Writer, we offer professional copywriting services at affordable rates with quick turnaround times on projects large and small. We will help you with everything from SEO content marketing campaigns to social media posts. This is important because the right words can make or break your online presence in this digital world we live in today!

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