7 Different Types Of Copywriters You Should Know About

If you look at one more blog about copywriters, you’re gonna lose it. If this is you, you’re not alone. The search for a copywriter, once you’re at twenty tabs, can easily lead to information overload.

Before you know it, you’re in an endless blog-induced state of lethargy where you’re just staring at a screen and not processing any information.

However, they’re more common than you may realize, and you’ve been interacting with them on a daily basis.

You've probably met marketing copywriting. Done right, it can prompt you to make an unplanned purchase. Remember that one email from Uber Eats that made you reconsider your commitment to Keto.

"50% off-Here's a free pizza on UberEats, just for you."

These few words took you from cutting carbs to cutting carbs with a fork and knife. Well, that’s marketing copywriting at its finest.

Subsequently, you've interacted with both direct response copywriting and direct response copywriting done wrong.

"Click this link to lose all your belly fat in three days."

This one needs no introduction, it's all over the internet.

Types Of Copywriters

There are different types of copywriting, and knowing the right one goes a long way in helping you make informed decisions.

1. The Creative Copywriter

Every single memorable title has one thing in common; creativity. Take Rolls Royce’s iconic 1958 ad, for example.

“At 60 miles an hour, the loudest noise in this new Rolls Royce is its electric clock”

It stands out from the norm, and that's the reason people remember it sixty years later.

That’s a creative copywriters job, using wit to create unique, relatable, and actionable copies that appeal to audiences and prompt action.

Often, audiences convert not because of the product but because of the creativity of the delivery.

You will use creative copywriting in your:

  • Pop Ups

  • Jingles

  • commercials

2. The Digital Copywriter

Digital copywriting is the art of transforming a company's value proposition into prose for a blog or a website that an audience can read and associate with.

A digital copywriter will study your audience and then develop a tone and voice that suits and appeals to it.

Most of the ‘Home’, ‘Services’, and ‘About Us’ pages of your website will probably be the work of a digital copywriter.

A good example is the ‘About us’ page of Yellow Leaf, a hammock manufacturing company:

"Ridiculously good hammocks, Impeccable craftsmanship, Transformative Impact"

You will use digital copywriting for:

  • On-page navigation copy

  • Microcopy

  • Button copy

  • Calls to action

  • Social media copy

3. The Marketing Copywriter

In marketing copywriting, your copywriter studies the target audience in-depth to write a copy that convinces them to purchase a product.

Marketing copywriters embrace the power of personalization, which results in 202% more engagement.

This type of copywriting often aims at lead generation and onboarding customers. In most examples that you will interact with, the copy usually starts with a pain point and slowly transitions into a solution.

"Tired of endless Ads and Pop-ops, try our ad blocker Today."

You can leverage marketing copywriting in your

  • Email campaigns

  • Landing pages

4. The Direct Response Copywriter

This is copywriting that you intend to elicit a reaction right there and then. This copywriting is usually composed of short text that is direct, instructional, and links to a certain:

  • Website

  • Product

  • Email request

In some instances, some brands opt to add an expiring discount to create a sense of urgency.

On Tesla's website, their direct response copy is the only writing on their page. They went with five words:

"Order online for Touchless Delivery."

This simple, straightforward approach helped Tesla sell half a million Model 3s in 2020.

You will use direct response copywriting in your:

  • E-commerce pages

  • Call to actions

  • Landing pages

5. The Technical Copywriter

Anybody can write a joke or please an audience. However, creating technical content that doesn't bore an audience to death is a different story altogether.

Jargon-filled content in prose is becoming less appealing as days go by. These circumstances have created the need for copywriters who can write compelling text for a highly technical audience.

A technical copywriter will leverage the delicate balance of jargon, statistics, infographics, color-coding, and real-world storytelling to get your audience to the end of that 3000- word newsletter.

You will leverage a technical copywriter in your:

  • User guides

  • E-books

  • White papers

  • In-depth blog articles

6. The SEO Copywriter

With the rise of search engine algorithms, it's no longer adequate to write for your audience alone. You need a copywriter that writes for search engine algorithms too.

SEO copywriting is the art of writing digital copies that leverage keywords, links, and practices to make your content more visible to search engines.

When investing in SEO copywriting, you're aiming for content that ranks at the top of search engine pages where 74% of the traffic lies.

You will leverage SEO copywriting in your:

  • Product descriptions

  • Categories of products

  • Landing pages

7. Social Media Copywriting

Social media marketing has been gaining popularity these past few years. Each major brand has a dedicated Twitter and Facebook page where it interacts with its audience.

A social media copywriter is responsible for coming up with a tone, voice, and delivery to appeal to your online audience.

Wendy's immediately comes to mind. Their witty, fun, and carefree copywriting on Twitter, which includes taking jabs at McDonald's, has endeared them to a Twitter audience. One of their most famous tweets read:

"If you got four bucks, you've got the 4 for $4 meal, Take that economy."

Over to You

If you need a professional copywriter who makes your audience go like, "Whoa, where do I sign up," or you want them to smash that BUY NOW button, talk to me today, and I'll be more than willing to assist!

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