13 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Freelance Copywriter to Bring You More Business

Let me guess.

You've finally launched your website and are now psyched up to get your content marketing up and running.

Or you're a savvy content marketer who's been writing blogs previously, but you want to supercharge your content marketing game.


However, you realize to run a successful content marketing campaign, you need to dedicate a lot of your time, effort, and resources. Think of the time needed to research, curate, optimize and post high-quality blog posts on your website.

It means you have to take some time off your busy schedule to master the world of SEO and blogging.

And not just that.

You need to do it consistently.


Sigh! Who's got time for that?

No. Not you. Probably not you.

Relax. I'm going to show you how a freelance writer can amp your content marketing while you focus on other sectors of your business.

Ready? Let's plunge in.

Hiring a Freelance Writer is a Surefire Way to Grow Your Business and Get Results

You understand your products and services inside out better than any other person. They are the best, coolest, and greatest stuff out there.

But here's the truth: Nothing sells itself. To sell your brand, you must use words.

That's the power of great writing. To push the right buttons of your audience to act and take the action you want.

On the downside, not everyone can write as well-- even for topics and subjects, they know well about. That's why you need a freelance content writer.

A good content writer can turn even the mundane of stories into lively content that captivates, engages, entertains while still providing immense value to your readers.

Besides, in a ruthless world where audiences punish mediocre content and reward great content, you need a storyteller who can help people understand your values, care about your origin story, or know anything about your content.

Quick question: Would you trust anyone to handle and run your business better than you could?


For the same reasons you can't believe anyone to do your job better than you, then it's for the same reasons you can't tell a story better than a writer.

You're a florist, a lawyer, a doctor, a marketer. Not a writer.

I'm not saying that it's impossible to wear both hats, but before doing deciding to wear both, kindly consider these 10 reasons:

1. Hiring a Freelance Writer, Will Save You $$$

A freelance writer will save you a lot of money that you'd otherwise have to incur by employing a full-time writer.

"But I'm still paying them, you know."

Sure, you still have to part with some bucks, especially when hiring a quality freelancer, but when you think of it in terms of employee benefits, health coverage, insurance bills, paid leaves, and other unnecessary extra expenses, it becomes cheaper.

Besides, you don't have to get them an office space where they have to work and other equipment needed. They're, in a way, readymade.

You only have to engage them when you need your blog written. Afterward, you have no obligations to them until a future project arises.

With that said, it brings me to my second point.

2. Get More for Your Money

There is immense value in hiring a freelance copywriter rather than hiring an agency. This is true because freelance writers are more or less running their business and will do their best to provide you with consistent quality work. They count on you to come through again and again.

However, when working with an agency, or content mills, the writer might not provide you with the quality you want because they're assured of a consistent workflow from other clients.

As such, it pays to have a freelance writer with whom you can directly communicate to give you the results you want, without the hassle of going through an agency. You can be sure you can talk with them directly, request edits, discuss your tone, and agree on terms without any hassle.

Besides, they might suggest some unique alternative angles you hadn't thought about. This includes refining the tone, style, tweaking that makes your content more appealing, and at times even suggest original blog ideas that could be valuable to your audience.

3. Say Goodbye to Mediocre Writing

Readers love valuable, engaging, and well-written content that is unabashedly authentic.

Trust me. No matter how valuable your content is, no one will take their time to read it if it's not engaging.

I love relating writing to drawing. There's always a significant difference between an artist's sketch and an amateur's sketch. See, you'll look at an artist's drawing and immediately fall in love with the piece of art. And that's what you want your readers to do-- fall in love with your content.

For instance, if your headline piques your readers' interest, it'll take about 10 seconds to draw them in. 10 or maybe less. And if they don't find the content engaging, phiff! They're gone in a puff of virtual smoke.

Always remember: Artistry cannot be faked, and exciting content can never be forgotten.

4. Publish More Consistently

Remember the last time you sat down to write a blog, and all you did was nothing while that wretched cursor blankly pointed at you? Your mind was just kicking over and over like an engine that's flat on battery.

Then someone now tells you to blog at least four times a month or two. That's a lot like asking you to make dinner with bare cupboards.

If you've been writing your content while tired, you've basically been "drunk-driving your blog," and it's time for a change.

A quality freelance writer will craft high-quality blog posts whenever you need them without burnouts because that's their specialty.

5. Get Farther From Your Business Cause You're Too Close

Sir, no one understands your business better than you do, and that's great.

But that's the wrong approach when it comes to writing and the audience.

Before you get mad at me, first listen.

For blogging, you need someone who sees your brand in the eyes of your potential customer. Not the seller. You need someone who can demystify a complex topic in ways that your target audience can understand, not from an expert's perspective.

If the only thing readers find from your blog is "carrier aggregation" and other things they can't understand, they'll move on to the next person who explains that better… most likely your competitor.

A freelance writer will offer a fresh perspective to your products, interpret it as a customer would, and write empathetically in a way readers understand because they're skilled in turning hard concepts into simple, clear blogs.

6. Achieve the Results You Want

We, marketers, are in a market of persuasion. It's all about persuading your audience till they take the exact action you want. It may be subscribing to your newsletter, hitting the sign-up button, or for pity's sake smashing that BUY NOW button.

Besides, you've repeatedly heard that if it's on the second page of Google, it doesn't exist. You don't have any business writing content that neither ranks nor converts, and that's where a freelance writer can immensely help you. Write content that ranks and converts.

Freelance writers will write the words and sentences that bring the "Oomph, where do I sign up" responses from your audience and suck in leads like a vacuum on steroids.

7. Have an Extra Pair of Eyes

We've all read content on the internet that left us feeling, "They could have done better."

We've also read some content on the internet that left us with all sorts of feels because of how value-packed it was.

A typo or those small grammar pet peeves that seem minor may have a more significant impact than you think because they send a message to your audience, "We're good but negligent."

And they go:

"If I can't trust you to edit some simple grammatical errors, how will I trust your business to cater to my needs accurately."


That extra pair of eyes from a skilled freelancer can protect your business's reputation because they understand and know their trade.

8. Save Time

"I'll write my blog immediately after I settle those invoices/ done with lunch/ after the meeting."

Sounds familiar?

And before you realize it, it's about six weeks since you last updated your blog.

Crafting a well-written piece, optimizing, and posting it takes a significant amount of time, especially when you're not an expert writer.

On the other hand, a freelance writer has all the time to write and will offload the burden for you and leave you with all the ample time you need to concentrate on other aspects of your business.


9. Get Personalized Service

Often, freelancers are small, responsive, agile, and are good at providing a one-on-one service compared to hiring an agency.

This means that you can trust them to listen to you, provide feedback, meet deadlines timely, and devote more time to you.

So if personalized service is something you love, then a freelancer is the one for you.

10. Get the Job Done Faster

The last thing you want is uncertainty, especially in any area of your business.

With a freelancer, you can be sure that they'll deliver the blog on Tuesday before the end of the day. No missed deadlines. No excuses. No nothing. Just pure amazing content that brings you more business.

Besides, if you need some projects completed sooner, you don't have to wait till the weekend is over so that your employee can handle the job on Monday- you get it when you need it because some freelancers even work through the weekend.

Before You Leave, You Forgot Something

That's it, my friend.

If you don't want to be standing on a chair, boiling with rage, shaking fists, and losing your mind wondering why you can't seem to blog faster than your competitors, hire a freelancer today.

Choose not to be part of the 83% of marketers who experience burnout when there's a beach in Hawaii and a freelance writer waiting to help you!



Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash Thanks Clem :)