About Victor Kananda

SEO copywriter for Hire

 I learnt the power of writing quality content through a girl I once had a crush on back in middle school. In my head, I saw myself like some annoying pop-up landing page that she would instantly close, or worse still an ad she would skip without a second thought.

 I had a lot to say, but very little courage to actually walk up and say something. Even the thought itself was terrifying. 

I couldn’t speak, so I did the second-best thing.

I wrote

Very few things have changed since then. Once a pen, paper, and a few words gave me the girl of my dreams.

And guess what? I’ve never stopped writing.

The only difference is that nowadays, instead of writing for girls I love, I write for brands and companies I believe  in. My dream is for my content to inspire change in your organization while providing value to your audience. 

Your audience deserves better.

Better than my crush, and I am here to deliver just that.